Woodstock Historical Centre

The Historical Centre shows and explains how Woodstock village evolved from small community to vertebrate village, that we have today, over the past 250 years. You can a take tour and view permanent exhibitions of the museum and collections of antiques, but also museum has several new exhibitions every year. In addition to the museum, Historical Centre has huge library and archives with researches, who will present you with historical and genealogical information. This library is full of books, documents, maps, records and lots of photos. The museum has a picture gallery, that is a collection of local residents and was created for last 200 years. Also, the Historical Center has outdoor locations like very beautiful  and big garden with wonderful lawn. This garden has lots of designed locations for making nice photos and cozy basket picnic. And also from this garden, you can see a breathtaking view on Woodstock’s bridge.

 The museum was founded in 1942 by a group of local founders and in 1943  he released his first official statement of purpose. At the same time Federal house was being sold, so the organisation of founders decided to purchase this houses and in this way to save this historical building. Founders bought this building in local Dana Family. The building was in perfect condition and had a nice location in the centre of the village. So everything pointed out that it was a good choice.

The mission of this Historical Center is to preserve and to share history and artefacts of this small town and area around. Also, the Museum is the historical and scientific centre for local researches with lots of resources and scientific matter. This project encourages history education of local school and university. In addition, the Center create educational projects like workshops, lectures or conferences. Also, the Publisher Center of the Museum publishes and releases history books, walking guides or articles into the local newspaper.

Every season the Museum leads different programs and events for children and adults. It can be jazz or classical music festivals in the park, art conferences, different art master classes or fairs. So they know how to spend some quality time and at the same time amusedly.   

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