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The mission of the John Cotton Dana Research Library of the Woodstock History Center is to collect and preserve the history of the Woodstock area from the late 18th century to the present, and to make these records available to the public.


Our collection contains records of all aspects of living and working in Woodstock and the surrounding towns of north Windsor County, since earliest settlement, as a means of providing both a broad context and a regional home for valuable records.  We also keep research resources on the natural and built environment, land records, local governance & planning, commerce, industry, recreation, tourism, and contributions of individuals to our common culture through the arts, literature, and science. Our collection includes books, photographs, DVDs, CDs, maps, art work on paper, blueprints, personal papers, official documents,  manuscripts, diaries, account records and ledger books, posters, periodicals, family records, bibles, genealogies, albums, scrapbooks, memoirs, oral histories, ephemera, selected newspapers back to 1800, and other records of local interest and historical importance.

HOURS:  The library is currently open by appointment only. To make an appointment, please contact the History Center’s staff at or call 802-457-1822.

REGISTRATION:  Researchers will be asked to sign in and to fill out a registration form for the research topic to be pursued. For a copy of the form that can be filled out in advance, please click Research Request Form 2016


  • Internet connection (free wifi) for library patrons
  • Searchable high-resolution scans from our photo archives
  • MAPINFO for local parcel maps and historical land records, available on PC
  • Photocopying (25 cents each page)
  • Scans & prints ($1.00 each)
  • Library reference: maps, town histories, National Register, and more ($5.00 per visit for non members)
  • Initial (first half hour) research upon your query:  no charge.  Extended research service:  $15.00 per hour.
  • Images for publication with permission and appropriate credit, invoiced


We welcome donations that conform to our mission statement, in reasonable condition, accompanied by a signed Deed of Gift that will specify the terms of the gift.


Pictured below  is one of the many valuable research tools available at the Woodstock History Center. This plain-looking, leather-bound book is a rare 1798 federal tax book that lists the residents of Windsor County, a description of their property holdings, and the amount of tax they were assessed. It is one of only a handful of extant tax books in the country from this period. The Woodstock History Center has had this book digitized as part of its ongoing efforts to make information accessible while simultaneously preserving artifacts and material culture. Computer stations are available at the History Center where you can view this book and other digitized resources. Come visit us soon!

Library Resources - Woodstock Tax Book 1798 - Woodstock History Center Library Resources - Page from Woodstock Tax Book 1798 - Woodstock History Center

Click Enlargement to see an enlarged version of a sample page from the tax book.