Long Light of Those Days

The Long Light of Those DaysThe Long Light of Those Days

The Long Light of Those Days: Recollections of a Vermont Village at Mid-Century. The subject of many complimentary reviews, this story about growing up in a mid-century Vermont town by Woodstock native Bruce Coffin has been reprinted by the Society under the imprint of the Elm Tree Press. Hardcover, 233 pp. (2005). $24.95 and includes shipping and handling.

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About the Author:

Bruce Coffin was born and raised in Woodstock, Vermont, and educated at The University of Vermont; Trinity College, Dublin; New York University; and Wesleyan University. He has taught English in independent schools in the U.S. and in England and is a contributor to scholarly journals. Since 1972 he has been on the faculty of Westover School in Middlebury, Connecticut. He is married with two grown children, and he divides his time between Middlebury and Woodstock.