Permanent Exhibits

Woodstock History Center Museum Exhibits

The first floor of the History Center’s museum is set up to look like the home of a prosperous nineteenth-century village merchant. It contains a kitchen with the original bee-hive oven. It also has both a Victorian-style and a Federal-style parlor.

Dana House Museum Exhibits - Federal Parlor - Woodstock History Center

The second floor of the History Center’s museum contains an example of a bedroom as well as four exhibit areas. The four themed exhibits focus on fans and fashion accessories, clothing, musical instruments, toys, and the creation of textiles.

Artifacts featured in the History Center’s museum include paintings by folk artist Thomas Ware, locally-made furniture, nineteenth-century clothing, and a wide assortment of dolls, games, and other treasures. Trained interpretive staff are stationed throughout the museum to answer questions about the museum’s collection as well as local history.


19th C. Fan - Woodstock History Center Federal Parlor Dana House Museum Exhibits - Kitchen - Woodstock VT Dana House Museum Exhibits - Barn Gallery - Woodstock Works Crafts Industries Dana House Museum Exhibits - Bedroom - Woodstock History Center Dana House Museum Exhibits - Doll House - Woodstock History Center

The exhibit “Love in Woodstock: 250 years of Wedding Gowns,” which debuted last year, will be up through 2016. This exhibit features over twenty period wedding gowns that range from 1780 to the present. It also includes wedding accessories, such as shoes and fans, and undergarments. Interpretive panels which cover courting and marital customs (such as sparking lamps, hope chests, and the wearing of white wedding gowns) provide a historic context for the gowns..

For children and adults alike, there are hands-on activities that encourage visitors to look closely at the exhibit. Guests are encouraged to sketch their favorite gown and put it on a “crowd sourced” display board, compare their waists to those of the various gowns, feel the different types of silk used to make wedding attire, try on hoop skirts and panniers, and to create their own decorative fan.


love in Woodstock
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